Out Software Development services help you support your business needs. We help you in the analysis of the requirement, customized development of the Software and after delivery support for maintenance.

Below is a list of a few customized software we provide:

Office Automation

1. Office of Tax Consultant with SMS and Email Support
2. Travelling Company with SMS Support
3. Print Press

Hospital Automation

1. Managing Birth Summary
2. Printing Of Discharge Card for Maternity Home
3. Printing of Discharge Card for NICU
4. Billing for Maternity Home

Education Institute Automation

1. School Admission and fee collection
2. Coaching Class with SMS Support
3. Institute which is in Educational Material

Print Press Automation

1. From Quotation to Invoice
2. Printing of JobSheet
3. Managing Pending Job

Inventory Management

1. Listing Items in stock
2. Automatically fire purchase order when Stock reach to MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)
3. Maintain Outstanding of Client

Tracking Order Status

1. Taking orders from the client and track them until they get fulfilled
2. Tracking Order by its status
3. Tracking order which is given outside for job work

Bulk SMS and Email

1. Sending Bulk SMS with Customize Message
2. Sending Bilk Email with Customize Contain and Attachment
3. Can send SMS Email to single person also
4. Set Schedule for sending SMS or Email